At this time no contracts for a fixed period (1 or 3 years) with fixed tariffs are available. This due to the tense situation on the energymarket because of the war in Ukrain.



"Energiekantoor" is an energy intermediary, which originated from a residents' initiative to get a lower energy bill.

We supply electricity and gas at competitive rates, which you always receive, year in year out, whether you are a new customer or have been a participant for many years.

Zero energy hassle. You've got better things to do!

Please note: our supplier works with weekly rates. New rates are valid from Monday until Friday 2 PM. The offer must be accepted no later. If you receive an offer or our discount calculation, don't wait too long with your decision!


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Variable contracts are currently available to a limited extent. They have a favorable price at our supplier Energiehuis. Availability depends on the situation on the energy market. If you fill in the form below, we will contact you.

If you (soon) have an "expensive" variable contract, you can indicate here that you are interested in a contract for a fixed period (1 or 3 years) with fixed tariffs. Because we need to act quickly in this turbulent market when contracts become available, we ask that you complete the form below. We will of course keep you informed of market developments.

Our benefit calculation shows how much you can save by participating in our collective. If you have or are planning to have variable rates, a switch to the variable rates of our energy supplier Energyhouse is often beneficial. Please send your latest annual statement to and fill in the form below.

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By Dutch law, only consumers are entitled to a 14 days reflection period after signing the contract, and a limitation of the fee for breaking the contract. Businesses are not. Whether a connection is or can be for business purposes follows from the function of the property in the BAG register.

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The last energy bill of your (new) house is a good starting point as a forecast for your energy use.

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We would like to prevent you from having to pay a cancellation fee from your current energy supplier. Complete the questions to determine the correct transfer date for your offer.

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The commencement date of the delivery is normally one month after acceptance of the offer. If you would like the delivery to start earlier, please indicate this below under Comments. We will then contact you.


Our agreement is based on Dutch law and therefore exclusively on the basis of the Dutch general terms and conditions ("Algemene voorwaarden"). An English translation is provided as a service and no rights can be derived from it.